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Verify Contracts


Community Driven


The Etherscan Ethereum Developer APIs are provided as a community service and without warranty, so please just use what you need and no more. We support both GET/POST requests and there is a rate limit of 5 requests/sec.

To use the API service please create a FREE Api-Key Token from within the ClientPortal->MyApiKey area which you can then use with all your api requests.

Source attribution via a link back or mention that your app is "Powered by APIs" is required except for personal/private usage.

Account APIs

Get a list of 'Normal' Transactions By Address

[Optional Parameters] startblock: starting blockNo to retrieve results, endblock: ending blockNo to retrieve results


([BETA] Returned 'isError' values: 0=No Error, 1=Got Error)

(Returns up to a maximum of the last 10000 transactions only)



(To get paginated results use page=<page number> and offset=<max records to return>)

Get a list of 'Internal' Transactions by Address

[Optional Parameters] startblock: starting blockNo to retrieve results, endblock: ending blockNo to retrieve results


(Returned 'isError' values: 0=No Error, 1=Got Error)

(Returns up to a maximum of the last 10000 transactions only)



(To get paginated results use page=<page number> and offset=<max records to return>)

Get "Internal Transactions" by Transaction Hash


(Returned 'isError' values: 0=Ok, 1=Rejected/Cancelled)

(Returns up to a maximum of the last 10000 transactions only)

Get a list of "ERC20 - Token Transfer Events" by Address

[Optional Parameters] startblock: starting blockNo to retrieve results, endblock: ending blockNo to retrieve results


(Returns up to a maximum of the last 10000 transactions only)



(To get paginated results use page=<page number> and offset=<max records to return>)



(To get transfer events for a specific token contract, include the contractaddress paramter)

Contract APIs

Newly verified Contracts are synced to the API servers within 5 minutes or less

A simple sample for retrieving the contractABI using Web3.js and Jquery to interact with a contract

    var Web3 = require('web3');
    var web3 = new Web3(new Web3.providers.HttpProvider());
    var version = web3.version.api;
    $.getJSON('', function (data) {
        var contractABI = "";
        contractABI = JSON.parse(data.result);
        if (contractABI != ''){
            var MyContract = web3.eth.contract(contractABI);
            var myContractInstance ="0xfb6916095ca1df60bb79ce92ce3ea74c37c5d359");
            var result = myContractInstance.memberId("0xfe8ad7dd2f564a877cc23feea6c0a9cc2e783715");
            console.log("result1 : " + result);            
            var result = myContractInstance.members(1);
            console.log("result2 : " + result);
        } else {
            console.log("Error" );

[BETA] Verify Source Code

                                    1. Requires a valid Etherscan APIkey, will reject if otherwise
2. Current daily limit of 100 submissions per day per user (subject to change)
3. Only supports HTTP post due to max transfer size limitations for http get
4. Supports up to 10 different library pairs
5. Contracts that use "imports" will need to have the code concatenated into one file as we do not support "imports" in separate files. You can try using the Blockcat solidity-flattener or SolidityFlattery
6. List of supported solc versions, only solc version v0.4.11 and above is supported. Ex. v0.4.25+commit.59dbf8f1
7. Upon successful submission you will receive a GUID (50 characters) as a receipt.
8. You may use this GUID to track the status of your submission
9. Verified Source Codes will be displayed at contractsVerified

See Demo Source Verification Submission Code at Source Code Verification Sample

Source Code Submission Gist (returns a guid as part of the result upon success):

    //Submit Source Code for Verification
        type: "POST",                       //Only POST supported  
        url: "//", //Set to the  correct API url for Other Networks
        data: {
            apikey: $('#apikey').val(),                     //A valid API-Key is required        
            module: 'contract',                             //Do not change
            action: 'verifysourcecode',                     //Do not change
            contractaddress: $('#contractaddress').val(),   //Contract Address starts with 0x...     
            sourceCode: $('#sourceCode').val(),             //Contract Source Code (Flattened if necessary)
            contractname: $('#contractname').val(),         //ContractName
            compilerversion: $('#compilerversion').val(),   // see for list of support versions
            optimizationUsed: $('#optimizationUsed').val(), //0 = Optimization used, 1 = No Optimization
            runs: 200,                                      //set to 200 as default unless otherwise         
            constructorArguements: $('#constructorArguements').val(),   //if applicable
            libraryname1: $('#libraryname1').val(),         //if applicable, a matching pair with libraryaddress1 required
            libraryaddress1: $('#libraryaddress1').val(),   //if applicable, a matching pair with libraryname1 required
            libraryname2: $('#libraryname2').val(),         //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryaddress2: $('#libraryaddress2').val(),   //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryname3: $('#libraryname3').val(),         //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryaddress3: $('#libraryaddress3').val(),   //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryname4: $('#libraryname4').val(),         //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryaddress4: $('#libraryaddress4').val(),   //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryname5: $('#libraryname5').val(),         //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryaddress5: $('#libraryaddress5').val(),   //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryname6: $('#libraryname6').val(),         //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryaddress6: $('#libraryaddress6').val(),   //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryname7: $('#libraryname7').val(),         //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryaddress7: $('#libraryaddress7').val(),   //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryname8: $('#libraryname8').val(),         //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryaddress8: $('#libraryaddress8').val(),   //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryname9: $('#libraryname9').val(),         //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryaddress9: $('#libraryaddress9').val(),   //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryname10: $('#libraryname10').val(),       //if applicable, matching pair required
            libraryaddress10: $('#libraryaddress10').val()  //if applicable, matching pair required
        success: function (result) {
            if (result.status == "1") {
                //1 = submission success, use the guid returned (result.result) to check the status of your submission.
                // Average time of processing is 30-60 seconds
                document.getElementById("postresult").innerHTML = result.status + ";" + result.message + ";" + result.result;
                // result.result is the GUID receipt for the submission, you can use this guid for checking the verification status
            } else {
                //0 = error
                document.getElementById("postresult").innerHTML = result.status + ";" + result.message + ";" + result.result;
            console.log("status : " + result.status);
            console.log("result : " + result.result);
        error: function (result) {
            document.getElementById("postresult").innerHTML = "Unexpected Error"

Check Source code verification submission status:

    //Check Source Code Verification Status
        type: "GET",
        url: "//",
        data: {
            guid: 'ezq878u486pzijkvvmerl6a9mzwhv6sefgvqi5tkwceejc7tvn', //Replace with your Source Code GUID receipt above
            module: "contract",
            action: "checkverifystatus"
        success: function (result) {
            console.log("status : " + result.status);   //0=Error, 1=Pass 
            console.log("message : " + result.message); //OK, NOTOK
            console.log("result : " + result.result);   //result explanation
            $('#guidstatus').html(">> " + result.result);
        error: function (result) {

Transaction APIs

Check Contract Execution Status (if there was an error during contract execution)

Note: isError":"0" = Pass , isError":"1" = Error during Contract Execution


Check Transaction Receipt Status (Only applicable for Post Byzantium fork transactions)

Note: status: 0 = Fail, 1 = Pass. Will return null/empty value for pre-byzantium fork


Event Logs

The Event Log API was designed to provide an alternative to the native eth_getLogs. Below are the list of supported filter parameters:

  • fromBlock, toBlock, address
  • topic0, topic1, topic2, topic3 (32 Bytes per topic)
  • topic0_1_opr (and|or between topic0 & topic1), topic1_2_opr (and|or between topic1 & topic2), topic2_3_opr (and|or between topic2 & topic3), topic0_2_opr (and|or between topic0 & topic2), topic0_3_opr (and|or between topic0 & topic3), topic1_3_opr (and|or between topic1 & topic3)

* fromBlock and toBlock accepts the blocknumber (integer, NOT hex) or 'latest' (earliest & pending is NOT supported yet)
* Topic Operator (opr) choices are either 'and' or 'or' and are restricted to the above choices only
* fromBlock and toBlock parameters are required
* Either the address and/or topic(X) parameters are required, when multiple topic(X) parameters are used the topicX_X_opr (and|or operator) is also required
* For performance & security considerations, only the first 1000 results are return. So please narrow down the filter parameters

Here are some examples of how this filter maybe used:

Get Event Logs from block number 379224 to 'latest' Block, where log address = 0x33990122638b9132ca29c723bdf037f1a891a70c and topic[0] = 0xf63780e752c6a54a94fc52715dbc5518a3b4c3c2833d301a204226548a2a8545


Get Event Logs from block number 379224 to block 400000 , where log address = 0x33990122638b9132ca29c723bdf037f1a891a70c, topic[0] = 0xf63780e752c6a54a94fc52715dbc5518a3b4c3c2833d301a204226548a2a8545 'AND' topic[1] = 0x72657075746174696f6e00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


Geth/Parity Proxy APIs

The following are the limited list of supported Proxied APIs for Geth available through Etherscan. For the list of the parameters and descriptions please see Parameters provided should be named like in the examples below. For compatibility with Parity, please prefix all hex strings with "0x"


Returns the number of transactions in a block from a block matching the given block number



Returns information about a transaction by block number and transaction index position



Creates new message call transaction or a contract creation for signed transactions


(Replace the hex value with your raw hex encoded transaction that you want to send.
Send as a POST request, if your hex code is particularly long)


Makes a call or transaction, which won't be added to the blockchain and returns the used gas, which can be used for estimating the used gas


General Stats

Get Total Supply of Ether


(Result returned in Wei, to get value in Ether divide resultAbove/1000000000000000000)

Get Ethereum Nodes Size

[Parameters] startdate and enddate format 'yyyy-MM-dd', clienttype value is 'geth' or 'parity', syncmode value is 'default' or 'archive'


(The chainsize return in bytes.)

Misc Tools & Utilities

These are 3rd party tools and utilities created by the community and we do not provide any support or warranties for the solutions listed below

py-etherscan-api module (corpetty)


(A 3rd party API python bindings module written by Corey Petty)

node API (Sebastian Schürmann)


(A 3rd party Node API for Etherscan)